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Mentoring Call 

30 Min call with me to discuss what your need help with. How to tweak things in which your experiencing. This session is to give guidance and support to your journey. 

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One to One Coaching 

I am ready to show you just how easy it is to step out of the old patterns of doubt, sabotage, old limiting beliefs that are holding you to a life of struggle. These patterns of from neglect of YOU. 

Your inner child is crying for you to see the truth. To know the true love and beauty within. 

ūü°Ü Do you find your in need of guidance to help you on your journey?
ūü°Ü Are you keen on someone who will help you one on one to open up to all the possibilities in your life?
ūü°Ü Would you benefit from weekly guidance on how to move past blocks and struggles?
ūü°Ü Are you looking to grow your business or heal your relationships and some extra guidance is what you are looking for?

If you're looking for a coach who will help your rise above all, support you through the struggle, help you to believe in what IS possible, guide you to achieve all your dreams and then some, help you unlock all potential for you and your business, to unlock all the blocks holding you still with no movement for the future. I'm here and ready to help you with all that and more!!

I help people unlock all blocks to their highest self worth and potential. This allows you to live the life you have dreamt of.

1 Coaching session

            Letting Go of The   

Bullshit WORKSHOP & 8 Week Program 

Join the workshop

Your path to deep healing starts with a strong foundation. You’ll decipher the myths and truths surrounding where your traumas and limitations come from, how to regain the lead of your inner reality, and how you can start building an energetic and emotional disposition that supports a lifetime of peace and harmony within.

Highlights include:

  • The¬†ultimate¬†proven strategies¬†to help shift your consciousness from trauma and DIS-ease to Super Consciousness
  • The power of sweet surrender:¬† Seeing the root of creation within,
    Healing and Shifting your mind and soul to meet you.
    Becoming a creator of the life you were designed for.
  • Achieving¬†Peace:¬† Step into the new story your are ready for now that the limitations are gone.¬†¬†
Are you waiting for an invitation to start this healing for Yourself?
I am inviting you to this revolutionary program. 

8 Weeks to change your life

Week 1

- Addressing the inner critic

-Healing for all traumas

-Establishing boundaries

-Healing the EGO

-Calming the spinning mind


Week 2

- Releasing stored information in the body


-Dissecting the patters you created

-Love existing with the story


Week 3


-The hard truth of why

-Tools to unfold the lies

-Anxiety, fear and depression 


Week 4

- How your emotions are stored

-Unpacking perspective

-Collapse the old you



Week 5

-New version and vision

 Mirror technique

-Empowerment to own you

-Roadmap ahead


Week 6

-New mindset

-Out of distraction


- Kingdom story


Week 7

- Anchoring in 

-Moving with shakeups

- Align to your truth


Week 8

- Pathway forward

-Creating milestones

-Standing in your truth

-Align to self

-Manifesting all you desire



Letting Go of The Bullshit 8 Week Program


July 6, 2024 @ 10 Am EDT

8 weeks 

60 Days to have deep change in your life. 60 Days to transform your story. 

60 Days to step into who you were always meant to be.

60 Days to rewire your beliefs, emotions, blocks and the subconscious. 

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4 Month Plan