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Classes are offered online via Zoom or as a prerecorded class. 

All The Tools Developing Your Spiritual- Psychic Abilities


Pre-recorded available now 

Live Zoom Classes Start September 2024 for 1 yea

Here's what is in the class schedule:

  • Your energy: the aura, chakras, fundamentals of energy management
  • Your boundaries: empathy, opening and closing your energy and principles of disconnecting cords
  • Your environment: space clearing and protection
  • Letting go of monkey mind
  • Learn to tap into your intuition
  • Beginner clairs class, tap into the clairs separate to understand the working of information
  • Evidential Mediumship, Creating the evidence for the client.
  • Connecting to your Guides
  • Practice groups for reading for classmates
  • Understanding metaphors
  • Learn to read Auras
  • Disconnecting from others
  • Dowsing
  • Beginners Class on Crystals
  • Oracle Cards- Learn to read oracle cards, allowing you to receive the daily messages from spirit.
  • ¬†Learn to create card spreads
  • ¬†Practice groups - learn to read for you and your classmates. Classes will be monitored by one or more coaches to provide assistance. (4¬†practice sessions)
  • ¬†Introduction to Magic- Learn the beginner steps to opening your magic
  • ¬†Light language and Light codes- How to speak light language and draw light codes.
  • ¬†Beginners Astrology
  • ¬†Remote viewing
  • ¬†Forgiveness
  • ¬†Home Clearing
  • Intermediate Magic with Lisa VanGalen
  • Body Movement with Priscilla Tricarico
  • Learn to read Tarot
Pre-recorded Classes
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Soul Transformation Course

Pre-recorded available now 

Live zoom class September 2024

I always wanted to know what it would be like to do one touch healing.

After setting that intention, everything was put into action by Source. Jen messaged me about some children that needed help, I got to see them all show up in my living room. And that was the start of our galactic missions. We were sent to many planets, met some amazing beings and built some beautiful friendships, not only strengthening the bond of friendship with Jen and I but also the trust of the Galactic Council. We have been blessed to have been to many of the the galactic schools and been shown how they heal one another, no fancy machines or medicines just pure love and some really cool techniques to help the body heal quickly.



We have a brand new modality to share with you all. You will grow and expand with this modality, you will be able to heal yourself and others, but most of all you will strengthen your connection to yourself, source and his unwavering love for you and others. 
We are offering this course so it will be open ended for a time frame 12-18 weeks. We want you to get the absolute most out of this learning experience. Here is some of what you will learn:

  • ¬†How to use galactic techniques for healing
  • ¬†How to have 100 percent connection to Source
  • ¬†Center Core work
  • ¬†Sacred Heart¬†Activation
  • ¬†How to bring in different energies from the galactic
  • ¬†How to heal the center supports to your soul
  • ¬†Creating harmony and balance within
  • ¬†How to use this on classmates in real time, and then others when course is completed.
  • ¬†12-18 weeks of training and learning as well as Q and A to help keep you on track
  • ¬†¬†How to use Akashic to help align with what the person is going through
  • ¬†How to do sessions for others
  • Entities, what they are and what they mean, and how to remove them
  • ¬†Implants, different kinds and how to remove them
  • ¬†How to release energy quickly
  • And so much more

 This course has a value of $20,000!!

 But for this limited time we are doing a huge deal!

 This is a jam packed course. You will have a Facebook group to help you practice on classmates. Classes will be once a week, will be recorded so you will never miss anything. We will be with you every step of the way to help you harness your truth and light.

ūüĎáCome¬†learn more¬†ūüĎá


Soul Transformation Course - Sign me up!

Akashic Records 1-3

1 & 2 pre-recorded or live zoom class coming this fall 


Do you work in the Akashic Records?
Do you have Clients?
Do you love everything about the Records and how it can transform peoples lives?

I fell in love with the Akashic Records and all it can do. I have been in the records for two people at the same time. I have talked with family in the Akashic Plane. I have transformed a ladies Soul Book so that her and her children no longer have allergies and she no longer is dying of an illness.
Many people don't think it's possible to do but that just not the case. I have worked closely with Metatron to see that these Soul Book Transformations are real and definitely work.

Are you ready to take your Akashic reading business to a whole new level? This program is perfect for you. You will far surpass all the other people who are just doing readings. I personally have done healing with Reiki in there and also healed family feuds.

This program offers step by step instructions on how to do the process from start to finish without missing anything. It is simple to use and everything is written so it's easy to understand. There is no other program like this on the planet.


     Working with the Archangels

     How to heal fears and phobias

     Access hidden talents

     Open your clairs to your abilities

     Ancestral healing

     Soul Mate & Twin Flame

     How to heal yourself and others 

     How to read for others

     How to transform everything to live your highest and best life.


Akashic Level 3 

At level three, this course allows you to understand more about Galactic beings.

It helps you to upgrade DNA.

You will learn sacred space and how to heal in there.

Come explore more techniques to expand and advance your healing abilities. 

Level 1& 2 are prerequisite**

Class dates are for 2024:

November 2-3 9 am est 

November 9-10 9 am est 


Pre-recorded Level 1 & 2
Live Zoom Class 2024 Paid in full Library and live teaching

Master of Creation 

Live Zoom Class starts September 2024

Pre-recorded available now


An inward journey of healing and transformation. Monika and I will guide you, step by step, through a proven process for creating lasting change in your life. Together, we step into the unknown ‚Äď where infinite possibilities emerge.

 Whether the struggle is in the area of relationships, health, finances, world events, some or all of it, it is time to step into your highest truth and become a conscious creator,  A MASTER OF CREATION.

Through this year long course you will learn to step into pure bliss. Loving yourself. Freeing yourself of the past. Living a full life. 

Mastering a technique that is sweeping the earth, with profound releasing of the constructs of beliefs, emotion, fears & blocks.

You will be guided through weekly master classes and techniques to become a facilitator and coach.  


Waitlist for live zoom class 2024

Quantum Level 1 Class

Pre-recorded or Live zoom class

I want you to be able to hold Source energy in your hands and heal yourself instantly.

No more handing over your power to others, you keep your power and share it who you choose.

It opens your mind to new possibilities of healing. It guides you step by step into the quantum cellular energy field, so you can harness all the power that the quantum field has to offer.

Unlock your hidden ability to do healing work with the creator 

Learn Grounding Plates

Learn Portal Door

Learn to use Quantum Energy on you and others

Easy way to ground through the chakras

You will learn this modality from the comfort of your own home.

You have access to me for questions and help along the way.
Or you can chose to learn in a group.

This course has no limits, I want you to heal the world.

This is a 3 hour class that will walk you through how to heal the physical, mental, emotional issues that have been with you through your life. If you're being called to start this journey then now is the time to take action! 

Dates for 2024

July 6, 2024, 10 am est 

August 17, 2024 at 10 am est 

September 14, 2024 10 am est 


2024 classes
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Quantum Level 2 Class

 Pre-recorded or Live zoom class

Quantum Level 2
If you loved Quantum Level One you are going to love level two.
Level 2 is going to teach you how to go deeper into healing. You will expand on the energy you learned in Level 1. Grow your strength and confidence . This is an opportunity to rise and expand beyond what you know and help heal in ways you never thought possible.


Here’s some of the things you will learn in level 2

* you will learn to drop into your soul to heal

*Learn to magnify different body parts

 *learn to trust what you're being shown

*how to envision energy

*learn to go into the body system to heal certain areas

*how to take out orbs

 *how to change chakras  

 *how to repair chakra

 *how to align body parts

 And so much more.

This course is jam packed full of information, and hands on working.

This class will be taught over zoom with handouts. You are responsible for the notes.

In this class, you will learn lots of new techniques to help you expand you knowledge of the human body.

Techniques to help you  expand your toolbox

Quantum Level 2 Zoom Class 2024

Classes are 5 hours each day for two days.

Class dates: 

September 28-29 2024 at 10 am est

I'm in for September
Pre-recorded Level 2


Quantum Level 3 Class

 Pre-recorded or Live zoom

Quantum Level Three takes you to the next level.
In this course you will be guided and taught how to do the following:

 *string chakras

 * surround illness

 * how to tap into disconnects within the body

 * fill gaps

* heal chakras

 * psychic surgery

 * light energy

 * Upgrade chakras to 15  

* color energy

* Access Bars

 * Travel

 * Scalar Waves

 * Tap into the Illness

 * Earn your Certificate
And much more.

Quantum Level 3 zoom Cass 2024

Come explore more techniques to expand and advance your healing abilities. 

Psychic surgery , operating room, Scaler waves, Access Bars advanced. and more. Can't make the live class, it's available for online self study. Start Today!

Class is 5 hours each day.

Class dates April 27-28 2024 at 10 am 

October 12-13 2024 at 10 am est

I'm in for October 2024
Pre-recorded Level 3



Atlanteans Healing Modality 


Atlantean Healing is based on love. You will learn brand new techniques on breath, you will learn techniques on understanding the brain system.

You will understand how to remove specific threads from the body.

You’ll also learn how to channel the breath into the body, creating love through the body and healing.

I’ve used this technique on students in my class who used to have seizures.

August 3, 2024 is the live zoom class

Live Atlantean Healing Zoom Class

Quantum Level 4 

Quantum Level 4 has been postponed. As soon as I have the dates and times I will post it.