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Tired of Feeling Like You’re Not Living To Your True Potential?


You know that you are meant for more but are stuck in the same cycles and patterns that have ruled your life. You have had enough and you know something has to change.

This powerful class will help you do just that. With interactive lessons for your mind, body, and soul, you'll learn how to transform the beliefs and life circumstance that have held you back and kept you disconnected from who you truly are.

But...maybe you're thinking "I'm not sure if I'm ready or capable of change."

We understand, we've been there.

Hello, my name is Sheri Seraphina Collins

I saw myself as someone that no one related to. I was cast aside and thought the way I looked and what I did defined me. I struggled to fit in, and kept people at bay to keep myself safe. I struggled to find my inner peace with life, and feel good with the skin I am in. I was disconnected from my life and marriage, thought there had to be something more to life itself.I truly wanted to live a life that I was happy with and feel like I had my life under control. But, honestly, I lived in frustration until I finally discovered the root cause of my struggles.  I had to do the deep dive into uncharted territory, and understand why I wasn’t happy with myself. I started taking classes to learn how to make changes for myself realizing that transformation is a holistic one which included mind, body, spirit and emotions. This new wisdom I was discovering further excelled my quest to optimize my physical and emotional health.

Hello, my name is Jennifer Long.

I struggled with understanding who I was my entire life. I grew up believing that I wasn't good enough and I had to convince people to love me. At a young age I learned to avoid my feelings through food and focusing on helping others. This just  perpetuated the unhealthy relationship with my self. And as I grew up and took in all the words, emotions and judgements around me, I created the belief that no one could love me as I was incredibly flawed. When people tried to show me love I doubted it, and as a result I felt I needed to work really hard at being the kindest, funniest, most caring person in their life to prove why they should love me. This left me feeling emotionally exhausted and depleted. At various points in my adult life I sought out support for my emotional depletion, and finally understood the impact this was having on my relationship with my self.

So I tried to change it....

I attended self help workshops, went to healers, yoga, watched videos, read articles books and blogs. Tried medications, supplements, different diets and no change ever lasted. But there was something that was missing and no matter how hard I tried my efforts would eventually fall flat. 

So began our decade long journey into learning and accepting who we are and aligning with our unique purpose here on the planet.

We decided to invest in ourselves and got serious about wanting to create a positive relationship with our mind, heart, body and soul. Our journeys were personal and unique. They involved deeper conversations with our higher self, our guides and Source.  They involved attending workshops, listening to videos and podcasts and reading loads of research and information from various experts in the field of self awareness, consciousness and the Universe. And as we worked, listened and continued on our own paths we came to a deeper understanding of how our external world was in the driver seat of our lives, and had a judgemental internal world (the Ego) sitting up front as the passenger. We also realized our deepest desires, our Soulful Loving Self was a quiet passenger along for the ride in the back seat.


In the year 2020 our journey took a powerful leap forward as we were guided to come together and immerse ourselves in a mission with the Universe. On this 8 month journey we explored the human connection with the cosmos and connected to Galactic light beings from many galaxies. And through all of this deep transformative work something beautiful was birthed through us... the Soul Transformation method. This newly channeled form of healing has provided us with a new perspective on the root cause of mental/emotional discomfort, dis-ease, disorder and how to overcome it once and for all.  


We learned to shift old thought patterns, step into empowerment and let that Soulful Loving Self move into the front seat and take the wheel. With these new tools to get to the root of our challenges our lives changed.  As we continued to clear out our blocks, dissolve our old belief systems and replace them with new empowering ones, we found ourselves on a very rewarding journey of unconditional self love, inner alignment and deeper understanding of our Soul's purpose in this lifetime.


With this new awareness...

  • ¬†Our actions¬†changed.
  • ¬†Our thoughts changed.
  • We got connected to our loving self through meditation.
  • We worked through the things we heard, saw and experienced as a child.
  • We learned to have forgiveness for¬†the things that were out of our control.
  • We learned how to come back to inner peace with the breath.


And we want to share all of this with You so you can be in greater alignment with yourself and the Universe NOW.

We want to save you all the time and money that we spent figuring out how to love ourselves and come into alignment. We want to give you the direct path and take the guess work out of the transformation process.


what it would feel like to love yourself inside and out.

what it would feel like for the conversation in your head to be joyful and loving.

what would it feel like to be in perfect alignment with your thoughts, emotions and  soul.

what would it feel like to know that you are not your past story.

what would it feel like to take your power back, and live a life you love. 


We want this for you!

We are passionate about helping others have the relationship with themselves that they have always dreamed of.

With all of this new knowledge and understanding we have done extensive work with students and clients on consciously reconnecting the mind, body and soul to prevent unconscious self-sabotage. Witnessing this transformation has been nothing short of miraculous.

We have studied extensively to understand how our mind, body, heart and soul processes unresolved emotions from the past.

Our education in  Psychology, Life Coaching and NLP help us to understand how the individual processes their emotional experiences and how these create patterns of thought and behaviour in our lives.

Our in-depth experiences with various Energy Practices, helps us to understand the energetic load of our emotions and how this impacts our ability to stay in alignment with the Universe. 

In our work with our students, we bring forward our education and desire for knowledge and combine it with our personal life experience to offer a unique approach to helping people connect with their deeper selves. Supporting people to find peace with their emotions and their past experiences.

We hope you will join us as we are passionate about supporting others in their personal journey of connecting with their mind, body, heart,  and soul.

Have you ever wondered how people make the inner work look so easy?


Have you wondered how some people can get great results in a short amount of time?


Have you wondered if you are on the right track?


That is why we have created this course for you. To help you move through your deepest struggles and challenges and step into actualizing your biggest dreams and desired transformations in a fraction of the time.


We are here to guide you through the next chapter of your life...


Will you join Us!? 


It’s Time To Embrace Your Power

With powerful lessons and techniques, you've found an amazing modality to help you dig deep and transform your limitations and beliefs into a state of joy and expansion.





Soul Transformation is a fully comprehensive modality that helps you get to the root cause of what you are experiencing, reset the belief systems and release the emotions fears and blocks connected to the issue. In the course we teach you the transformational process that you can use on yourself or others to create the freedom from what stands in the way.

The course is stacked with tools that you can use immediately to improve your life experience. Each lesson provides you with resources that continue to build as you move through the modules and learn the complete Soul Transformation process.

Every lesson encourages you to practice the tools as you go so you can experience and integrate the energy we are working with, providing a constant evolution as you move through the course.

This course is for anyone who is looking to improve their own life or wanting to become a Spiritual Entrepreneur and  or expand their current business helping others with the challenges they face in their lives.


Here is what you will learn  in the course... 

  • Understand how your beliefs, emotions and blocks are holding¬†you back from the life you desire
  • Learn to 'inner-stand' why we hold deep rooted emotions and how they impact all aspects of our life.
  • Learn to find the root of every issue and transform it to a desirable¬†outcome
  • Learn how to repair and¬†transform¬†wounds and trauma¬†from all types of relationships ¬†
  • Learn how to repair and transform¬†deep generational wounds, for you¬†and generations to come
  • Learn how to work with and develop deeper trust with your intuition
  • Learn how to work with Sacred Geometry
  • Learn how to create life changing affirmations
  • Learn calibration of the body
  • Learn how to work with¬† DNA¬†
  • Learn new ways to balance your¬†body, hormones and your diet
  • Learn how to work with Galactic energy
  • Create brain heart coherence
  • Receive a Sacred Heart activation, creating a deeper connection to the creator.¬†

We want to offer you a life changing experience.


 Through the knowledge shared in this course you will:

  • ¬†Learn to believe in¬†yourself
  • ¬†Reconnect to your¬†higher self and your guides
  • ¬†Feel like you can truly create the future you desire
  • ¬†Learn how to¬†truly¬†let go and experience the healing power or forgiveness
  • ¬†Trust the work and¬†embrace¬†the process¬†
  • ¬†Build confidence in your abilities to positively impact your life and others
  • ¬†Experience more self love
  • ¬†Become the creative driving force for a life that is full¬†
  • ¬†Learn to love and honour your body¬†inside¬†and out


Are you ready to step in and learn how to transform every aspect of your life that is holding you back and keeping you out of alignment? 

Here are some words from our students who were ready and stepped in...


"I loved how much information was in the course. I have taken a few other courses that were filled with fluff but lacked info that was tangible. This is like a spiritual biology class! I loved it."



"My confidence has been boosted, I feel way more magical than when I started. Still have a lot to learn for myself but it has taught me to be within more and also not to over do it...Thank you for this amazing opportunity of a lifetime, my growth will sky rocket."



"I highly recommend this course. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. I absolutely loved it!"



 With the purchase of the course you will receive...

  • 12 Weeks of content
  • Lifetime access to the recorded lessons
  • A manual to follow along with each lesson
  • An opportunity to complete¬†a live practice session to walk through the process step-by-step¬†
  • Facebook community group to ask questions and receive support
  • 1/2 hour coaching call to answer your questions about the material


But that is not all...


We want to support you in truly transforming your life to one that is filled with love, confidence and joy. So in addition to this revolutionary course we have some amazing bonuses for you just for signing up for Soul Transformation!



1- Crystal Grids - learn a unique approach for manifestation and planetary work $500 Value 

2- Calling in the dragons - learn to call in the dragons who are waiting to work with you. $200 Value 

3- Library of  Soul Transformation Sessions - Experience over 90 prerecorded calls with our teachers and coaches covering a variety of topics, to help you shift many different issues that we as humans face from the day we are born. $1500 Value 


And our Very Special Newly Added Bonus...

You will receive access to the recordings of TWO complete workshops...

Aligning With Yourself And The Universe   


Redefining The Relationship With Your Body

A combined value of $1888! 

Offer ends September 1, 2024

We want you to experience the transformative power this modality has to offer.


Watch this live healing session with Sheri and Jen using Soul Transformation to see what is possible for YOU!

Witness how quickly people can feel better and experience a soul-level transformation 



Join us in learning this amazing modality LIVE! with Sheri and Jennifer

November 2024 we will be teaching this class LIVE on Zoom. We would love to have you learn in real time with us and experience the transformative power this class has to offer. Join our waitlist to hear all of the details.

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Zoom Classes Starting November 2024

  • FAST and easy to use
  • Remove Fears, Emotions, Blocks and Limiting Beliefs
  • Get to the ROOT of why you are stuck
  • Work at your own pace
  • Manuals, and videos that are easy to understand
  • LIVE question and answer group once a month
  • Supportive Community
  • Heal yourself first as you navigate the modules
  • 12-18 week program
  • Bonus Crystal Gridding¬†
  • Bonus Working with Dragons
  • over 100 prerecorded sessions for you to use for healing you


If you are ready to jump in and learn this amazing modality now, check out our INCREDIBLE online course offer! 

Online Course


By purchasing the ONLINE Course you will receive:


‚ÄĘ Immediate access to the online modules

‚ÄĘ Access to course manual

‚ÄĘ Access to Library of Soul Transformation Sessions

‚ÄĘ Access to the two bonus workshops

‚ÄĘ Access to all other bonus classes

‚ÄĘ Access to the online community group

 Offer ends September1, 2024


Sheri you are amazing!! You helped me dig thru an issue that I have been keeping in for years. I didn’t know it was affecting my body like it was until you released everything. I feel lighter!! My hips do not hurt & I am breathing better!! The communication with both of my sons is great. My oldest wanted to keep me on the phone last night talking. It was great!! As I’m writing this I’m crying!! Thank you Sheri!! For all that you do!! Love ya
Carlo Reeva

"The potential for greatness lives within each and everyone of us. Learn to use this power with Soul Transformation. The world needs more healers NOW more than ever. The time is NOW what are you waiting for?"



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