Upgrade Activation Summit

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3 Day of Powerful TRANSFORMATION.

April 19-21, 2024 

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This event is for anyone looking to deeper connection, not only to themselves, but to a large soul family community.

For those seeking guidance, wisdom and knowledge. 

For anyone looking for deep spiritual growth within themselves

For anyone looking to find teachers and leader to help in the ascension process.

For anyone looking to learn new skills and techniques. 

Looking to unlevel in the ascension process.

Activate dormant gifts within.

Here's all the details

Live Virtual Event 

Event date is April 19 - 21, 2024 

Event time are as follows April 19, 2024 10 Am Est to 5 Pm Est 

April 20, 2024 10 Am to 11 Pm Est 

April  21, 2024 10 Am Est to 5 pm Est

Everything is broadcast in the private  YouTube and Facebook 

Gifts and Discounts from Facilitators


Host Jai Brady 

Jai is an International Multidimensional Energy Healer, Galactic Channel, intuitive guide/coach and the host and creator of Spirit Stream TV on Spotify and Youtube.
With his unique brand of high vibrational and potent energy healing, Jai has amassed quite the following all over the world. His empathy and guidance through the developing stages of the awakening of his clients that he affectionately refers to as his ‚ÄėSoul Tribe‚Äô makes them feel safe and supported which ultimately leads them to exponential spiritual growth.
Host Sheri Collins
Sheri is a a global leader,  Psychic Medium, Medical Intuitive, Intuitive Coach, Teacher of many dimensional modalities, and channel for the galactic council. 
I am leading the way for people to tap into their gift, talents and bring back the remembering of how to heal. With a large fowling on Facebook, Youtube and Tik Tok, creating deep impacting healing through the mind and soul. With a deep remembering of how to access unconditional love from creation. With a growing and expanding following around the world, Infinity Source Code is igniting love back to the soul of many humans. The support and guidance given is beyond expectation in the loving support and teachings.  


Here's what's included

  • Access to special offers
  • Facebook group
  • Private Youtube Channel
  • Access to all three days of live broadcasts.
  • Community of like minded people
  • Recordings for 24 hours after event
  • Special offers from the facilitators

What's Included In The Upgrade Summit...


Hear messages from spirit. Messages that can provide love, closure and peace to individuals. Experience different mediums at work.


Enjoy the experience of receiving messages from a trance state. Collective and individual messages to help anchor in love to your soul.


Experience different facilitators, with a wide range of psychic abilities. Showcasing different talents through tarot readings, channeled readings. 



Experience many different forms of healing over the course of the three day summit. From sound healing, Quantum Healer, Trance Healing and much more.









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$55 USD

3 Day Event